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How To Convince Your Husband to Have A Third Baby

When you’re married, you have more responsibilities than just sharing your life with your partner. You two are legally obligated to take care of each other and provide for one another, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t personally obligated to take care of your spouse as well. When it comes to marriage, having a third child is probably the last thing on most people’s minds at first. However, if you want a third child in your marriage, it could be the best way to do so. Here are some tips on how you can get your husband convinced that a third baby is something he needs too.


Have a frank talk with your husband

about why you want another child Before you decide to have a third child, you should sit down with your husband and talk about why this is something that he needs to support. It doesn’t matter if your desired baby is in the oven or not; it’s important for you to have a frank discussion with your husband about what each of you would be willing to do for the other. This will help him understand where his responsibilities lie. It also doesn’t hurt to point out how having more children will also give your two children more siblings. They might not understand this initially, but they will eventually get used to the idea, especially if they grow up together.

how to convince your husband to have a third baby

Define your expectations clearly

The first step to convincing your husband is to set out your expectations for the third child. It’s important to define what you want from the third child because it will help your husband understand what he needs to do. For example, if you want a child that is loving and helpful, then it is appropriate to redefine your expectations and make sure they are communicated clearly. Many people have misconceptions about how difficult having a third baby will be. The truth is, there are countless benefits of having a third baby in your marriage. There are also a lot of things that can be done to make the process easier on everyone involved, including yourself.

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Build a strong case for why having a third child is important to you

If you want to convince your husband of the importance of having a third child, it’ll be helpful if you can show him why he should be excited about the idea. Figuring out what your husband’s goals in life are and finding ways that you can help him achieve those goals will probably make it easier for you to convince him to have a third baby. Are they saving up money so they can retire soon? Do they want to buy a sports car when they hit their 30s? Are they hoping to build an empire in business? Figure out what your husband wants most and then find ways that having a third child would help achieve that goal. For example, if he’s saving for retirement and doesn’t have any kids yet, maybe having a third child would encourage him to start putting away more money.


Discover common ground with your husband

Sometimes, convincing your husband to have a third child can be difficult because you both have different ideas about what’s best for your family. The solution to this is to find common ground. While it’s true that both of you want the best for your family, there are definitely things that only one of you would be willing to do in order to ensure the safety and happiness of the rest of your family members. For example, if he has a problem with taking care of the kids while you go out on dates with friends, find something he’d be willing to do that would make him feel better about taking on this responsibility. It should also be mentioned that many couples struggle with balancing their careers and parenting responsibilities, so finding common ground could help ease the situation as well.


Establish a clear path to the goal you’re trying to accomplish.

First, it’s important to establish a clear path to your final goal of having a third baby. This will help keep your husband on-track and give him more motivation as time goes on. Next, make sure that everyone is on the same page about what you want for the future. If you and your husband are both in agreement about having kids, then it’s likely that he will be less resistant to the idea of wanting a third child. Finally, making small changes around the house can be helpful in convincing your husband that another child would be good for the family. For example, if he is used to being the only man in charge of taking out the trash, ask him if he would like you to take care of that responsibility so he can have more time with his son. Or if he has been taking care of another household chore like cooking or cleaning, ask him if he would like you to do it instead so he can spend more time with his wife and children. These small changes may not seem significant enough to make a difference but they could go along way in getting your husband on-board with having a third baby



If you have the means and your husband agrees, having a third baby is the best way to build a strong family unit. But convincing your husband to have one can be quite difficult. How do you break through the tension and build a connection with your spouse? The key is to talk with your husband in a way that’s comfortable for him. You also need to know how to define your expectations so that you’re not asking for too much. Then you should build a strong case for why having a third child is important and find common ground with your husband. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to establish a clear path to the goal you’re trying to accomplish.


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