Do Babies Yawn When Bored?

Babies yawn frequently, and it can be a little unsettling. Who knew that something as simple as being bored could create such a problem for some adults? For babies, yawning is a way to help them release built-up carbon dioxide and breathe fresh air. When you take care of your baby, ensure that he or she gets plenty of sleep and activities to keep them happy, and you will see a drastic drop in the number of yawns they perform. Why do babies yawn when they’re bored? Boredom isn’t something most adults experience very often. However, for infants and toddlers who are new at this stage of life, boredom can be overwhelming. That’s because they don’t have the same degree of self-awareness or understanding as adults do. It helps to know what causes babies to yawn when they’re bored so you can figure out ways to stop it from happening again

do babies yawn when bored


What makes babies yawn when they’re bored?

There are many factors that can cause babies to yawn when they’re bored. To start, it’s important to understand how boredom feels in children. It’s not just a feeling of being bored; it’s more like a feeling of wanting to be done with something, but not yet knowing what the next thing is. It could be as simple as wanting food or ending playtime. In order to release built-up carbon dioxide, babies yawn at certain times of day when the level of oxygen in their blood is higher than normal levels. This usually happens when it gets darker outside or when they are all snug in bed and sleep has been long time coming for them. Babies also yawn when they’re tired because yawning helps them breathe more clearly and decrease their chance of developing apnea in the night hours. Babies who aren’t put down for bed right away will often start yawning, which will help them get back on track with sleep cycles.

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What can make your baby yawn when they’re bored?

A few things that can make your baby yawn when they’re bored include:

  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Being forced to have a nap during the day.
  • Having too much stimulation, like too many people or toys around them.
  • Watching TV for too long.


Why do people yawn while they’re bored?

Yawning is one of the earliest behaviors that babies are capable of. It’s believed to have been inherited from our ancestor’s times when they had to conserve energy by lowering their body temperature. Babies and toddlers don’t have this concern, so they can use yawning as a way to get rid of excess carbon dioxide in their lungs. When infants yawn, they open their mouths and inhale deeply, effectively cooling down their body. Yawning also helps them breathe more oxygen into the lungs which allows them to stay awake longer. When babies are given less stimulation, it can lead to boredom which leads to excessive yawning.


Ways to help stop your baby from yawning when he’s bored.

Babies yawn when they’re bored because they need to breathe and the only viable option is their mouth. Boredom, however, is a temporary condition for all babies. They might not be able to figure out how to solve the problem on their own yet, so you can help them by following these steps and reducing your baby’s chances of yawning when he’s bored:

  • Try playing music or having some other distraction in the room. As long as your baby has something fun to do, it will keep her mind off herself and satisfy her curiosity instead of making her yawn more frequently.
  • Make sure that your baby gets enough sleep each day. Babies who don’t get enough sleep are likely to become restless and want more stimulation than what they’re getting. This could lead them to begin yawning more often in response to boredom.
  • Get creative! Use games, puzzles, toys, or anything else that keeps your child feeling like she’s doing things rather than being told what to do.



Babies are a lot of work and they will be for a long time, so when they’re bored, don’t take it personally. They’re just trying to get your attention, and yawning is the only way to make the point.


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